I’m Back!

Dear MI.L.N.A.L,

thanks to wordpress for allow me to post after a few weeks i didn’t have chance to. and again thanks to wordpress for the problems that cause me didn’t post for a long time.

wow! seems new! congrats wordpress….

yesterday,our principle left our schoo.hard feelings.he meant nothing to me.next,we’ll receive the woman principle.humppp..i guess she must be really strict,right?but,i observed most school that have woman as principle is really success.hope our school gonna change.

today,there’s math course.bored.but,what makes me shock is the square root parts where square root=decimals progress that she taught is different than our teacher.and,not forget we also sang the ‘Gemuruh’ song.. 🙂

and guess what? i’ll receive an award at School Appreciation Ceremony this Saturday.when i received the letter on tuesday, i feel like to jump! Hooray! at least i get an award than nothing.can’t wait this saturday… 😀

so.that’s all about me -latest one.and,before i forget,this is my new blog @blogspot but in Malay. http://miss5story.blogspot.com

-don’t forget to visit.and my Mid-Year-Exam is 12 days to go…



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