Dear M.I.L.N.A.L,

when my mom told me that there’ll be a stranger that live with my grandmom at hometown,i’m freezing.and the stranger is…MAN,17 YEARS OLD,AND STRANGER!

I can’t imagine how i want to change clothes,bath and i had to put on my veil every second-even sleep! and imagine,i’m a girl and if he’s doing anything to me,then…

let me tell you something.he’s just somebody who doesn’t have the shame of himself.he got job at my grandmom living area and without embrassment,he live with her!all this time,his family never visit us,even in Eid Eve and he just live there suddenly! just because his working place is near.he & me is a far distance cousin,which is my grandmom married to his granddad. ahh!! stress! complicated!

to release my stress,i give you the f(x) new song, pinnochio(danger) mv!


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