Vampire Knight , Juvana

Dear M.I.L.N.A.L,

let me reminds you and all reader.Vampire Knight is a Japanese manga,anime and even film.i really love it because the plot is great.Juvana as everybody know is crime commit by teenagers (juvenil). and there will be a drama entitled Juvana on TV3. started 25/4 every Monday 9 p.m.

Vampire Knight-


now,i’m trying to open the seem problem 😦 can’t wait for Monday to watch Juvana.

today,we should send the History Assignment.but,Mr Avadiar said we should edit it.. huh.. when all this stuff will come to the end..

i hope that Juvana will be a phenomenon like Nur Kasih & Gemilang because the great director,Khabir Bhatia directed these 3 dramas.


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