Going Crazy!

Dear M.I.L.N.A.L,

Since it’s the long time i didn’t post,you know my life? it’s as bad as the bad stuff in the world.and i think i gonna be like the title…

now,i think i have the DID symptom.don’t worry,just think.first,i can’t differentiate when i am with group A and when i am in group B.

second,i really feel i want to dial 15999.everyday,my brother will abused me.and that can be causes for any mentally ill.he always kick me,beat me up,jerk on me and more.it’s not impossible that one day i’ll stranded at ‘Hospital Bahagia’.

actually,i’ve something to describe about Group B.Okay,i’ll describe 1,2,3.no.1 is the closest friend to me.actually if there’s no.1 and me,it’ll be okay.but if there’s no.2&3,no! no.2 is also kind to me.she just fine.but when she’s with no.1 &3 no okay. no.3,the lowest friendship level between me and her.i don’t know why.she seemed uneasy if i take no.1 with me because i always go back home with her.that’s the problem.if no.1/2 personally with me, 🙂 but if no.3 personally/1,2,3 with me, 😦 that’s the fact.

actually,i almost join the ex-Looners member but the fact is i’m still Looners and always be with them.but,i know they started to dislike & stay awy from me.but that’s fine.i understand..



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