My Heart says…

Dear M.I.L.N.A.L,


1) my brother

he’s the one that i see everyday & i’m getting sick of his teases. what? he think i’m nobody that he can kick,beat,slap, & everything! i think i should dial 15999 to report that i’m being abused almost everyday! even my parents seemed didn’t care about it! ahhh!stress!

2) my class teacher

she’s my problem!i know..she’s my teacher but… (i think the century where i dislike my teacher is back!) she has a lot of advice! that’s good actually but she’s really talkative.but the others i just like her..

3) my friend -Group B

actually,i should put them on top of this list! they always become my mind-disturbia! i really regret for being their the result,i almost ignore my education,laugh & noisy in class & ignore my real’s really clear that they started to stay away from me.


for me,it’s actually an assignment to achieve marks in End Of Year Examination.just for History,Geo,K.H & Civic.. it’s kinda disturb my peace life..

actually there’s a lot.but the 4 is the main..

so, -goodbye-  -,-

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