Without you… without me…

Dear MI.L.N.A.L,

As the 2PM’s song,’Without You’. I really love the song! And i think my friendship’s destiny is gonna be like that. Maybe the song is given to a girl  for their love feelings, me is also for girls for my ignorance feelings.

“Cause  I  think  I  gonna  be  okay,

I’ll  be  okay,

Baby  without  you (without  you,without  you) “

One day, they really absolutely ignore me. They having fun just three, not 4. I just sit beside my other friend-H. And H asked me to express my feelings, she will read it. So, I made one in apiece of  paper. It sounds:

“They’re  okay  wiyh  threee,

Without  me..”

After I showed it at H, suddenly,one of the three of them came. Really shocked!

“Everyday  I  shocked (shock!)

And  I didn’t realise she’d read.. so the  rest  is  history..


2PM-Without You mv


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