Really Upset..

Dear M.I.L.N.A.L,

actually i don’t put these emotions at categories because it’s include ‘annoyed’. so just understand..

yesterday(friday), was recited Yaasin ceremony. so, the class monitor has to give Yaasin book to the students who doesn’t have it. at that time, Hani take the Yaasin but i don’t realise. remember the group B? bad.. one of them had took it,but when i want to take it because i thought she take it for me too, there just 3. it should be 4, right? this is really awkward & clear that they started to dislike & stay away from me.. so,just declare,okay? clear for me so i wouldn’t feel ‘sad’ afterwards when i know.

then,another problem. my grandfather who had stayed for almost a week want to go back to his home. my grandmother is still have to take care my great-grandmother at hospital..if something happen to him at the hometown? 😦

big problem.. end-of year exam assignment (E.O.Y). now i am holding the history & civic E.O.Y. and it’s such a bigggg burden to me! geo is still not coming & also K.H. and my parents are busy to send my grandfather back hometown, hospital blablabla… huh… tired!

so,till here. i put 4 minute’s Why pv here.. -annyeong-


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