My Mister… <3

Dear M.I.L.N.A.L,

I don’t know why my brain suddenly want to talk about it.. insane,huh? before that,i’m sorry because it’s such a long time i didn’t post.

okay,talk about Mister(Mr.),actually there are many mister in my life. My dad,my bro,my cousin,my uncle and most probably,him.. (not forgotten,my idol group,KARA!!!)

as a teenager,i also has my crush.he is my senior.i always saw him(even i know his full name),but he didn’t. so,this is what w called “unanswered love”.

i just keep this feeling.nobody know.but,what makes me disappointed is my classmate also like him(p.s.:she’s pretty).well,he’s famous & he ever wished my classmate ‘happy birthday’.that’s why she likes him.

i know.i think maybe i’m not marry one day because of this weakness.i’m not questioned of what Allah gave me,but.. okay,forget it..

so,to release my stress,let us watch the sexy KARA’s butt dance in their mv’s Mister.


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