huh? seriously?!!!

Dear M.I.L.N.A.L,

today.. in disbelieveness

there was robotic & physic exhibition..

the choral speakers are OVER!!!!!!!

learn about digestive system..

huh? seriously?!!!

talk about huh,i remember 4Minute song entitled H.U.H-Hit U’re Heart..

-really great song-

talk about the exhibition,it’s awesome!i could know many formulas of physic(truly,it’s hard).i also get to know more about science fact.. congrats form 4 & robotic club!

choral speakers? unfortunately,today there’s english in my class & teacher had to guide them,so i could watch their ‘performance’.& absolutely,truly,awfully are over than what i saw in the audition.actually,there is a senior that become the ‘persona’ among them..(she’s really over) thanks Allah,she’s at the back row.(3 rows equally) congrats to them.. B)

digestive system? after post this,i’ll make a note about it.seriously,more harder.

that’s all… sayonara..


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