Dear M.I.L.N.A.L,

title above referred to the metereologist that came to my school for the exhibition.i’m forgot to ask them.. how the weather’s now since it looks start to rain & of course i can’t wordpressing!

today is the day where the prefect & librarian get the brother now is a librarian officially.unluckily,i’m not look at the stage when his name called because i’m busying reading a novel.(CONGRATS & SORRY MY BRO!!)

Today,there’s a quiz in one of the subject in my’s about all the races in my country.remember the person of Group A?(there’s just 1 person that i awfullly hate in Group A & i  still talk about the same person since my first post.) she is the group of different races than mine(alhamdulillah..) but,what makes me feel annoyed(again!) is she said she knows a little about her group choice & she said “i know nothing about this!i just know about Korean!” fine! Korea! you think just you the Korean obssessor? dear,you also have to know about your country’re not Korean but i’m not stop you to like it.i’m also like Korea but at least i know many things about my own country…. dizzy..

so that’s all.she knows ramen but she doesn’t know dim sum..



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