sick :'(


sorry,i started with that kind of bad words.okay,refresh..

Dear M.I.L.N.A.L,

what i feel now?gonna sick… fever,flu & soar throat.i regret for came to school tomorrow.but as the idiom-‘no crying over split milk’…yesterday,almost a day i’m at the library with the freeze degree! i think i should ask teacher what is the height of the temperature in the first,i think it’s okay but at the night(last night),i’m started to feel uneasy & my soared throat.i can’t sleep.

that night,i dreamed my family & i go to Kelantan.Malaysia & having a picnic at the beach.kinda weird….and when i woke up,no water!!!!

at the same time,i feel tired & annoyed again.remember from the previous post? Group A & Group B?actually i sit beside Group B(The evil one) & teacher asked whole class to make dialogue.title? secret… so,i’ve to make the dialogue since the person of group A admit of his/her dumbness in what?!! i’m also weak & a bit dumb in English.i just got A whenever all the questions are objective but subjective? B/C is the answer.

maybe,i should absent Tuesday.. (why English not tomorrow?) but,think wisely… your mark!! i don’t want to miss any single oral marks since i’m really weak in English.

so,till here.again,i hate Group B!!(why i’m not admit in front of her?)



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