Dear ‘My Life is not always LUCKY’,

now your status is high as my’ll be the place where i’ll reveal what i feel,what i think and what happen to me today.but,i can’t promise to update you everyday,based on the internet line of my ‘broadband’.now,i feel everything.i feel tired & annoying.tired? because today is Saturday(malaysia) and i should rest at home but i’ve to attend the seminar & other classes study as usual.(my class is special) first,i learn to score a in that subject.i always put this subject under my top favourite subject(maybe because i’ll always get B),but i think i should change right,M.L.I.N.A.L?

After recess,we were learned to communicate.the teacher ask us to acting without  voices(pentomin?) my group get angry emotion! :@ we’d try our best! but we were lose! it’s okay,at least i can show my talent B) .and then go home 😀 !!!

Why i feel annoyed?i have 2 group of best friend.. the one i knew since 12 years old called group A,the one i close since i was 13 years old called group B.each group consist 3 annoying started when group B try to close with one of ny friend in group A.i don’t know it at first(& i don’t mind it at first) but after the over one of group B tell me that she want to close with the group A’s person,my degree stated more than 400 degree celsius.M.I.L.N.A.L,it’s really really annoying! imagine your best friend is grabbed by your another best friend!

i don’t want to reveal much here because i’ll be the one who get sin. so till here!


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