Dear Violette,

Last November, I’m started to fall in love with another k-pop boyband which I had ignored since their debut. It is not because I am totally hate them at that time, it just their debut song.. I cannot ‘consume’ it. However, everything changes this year. They debuted last 2 years, a few days after my birthday and they released full album, ‘XOXO’ early last year. ( I almost forgot that it’s 2014 now) So, can you guess who are the one that I mentioned right now?

It’s EXO!!!


You can just simply searches for their information and members profile in Wikipedia or Google, but I really want to talk about this new interest of mine.

How do I know EXO?

I watch their debut teasers of course. Oops! Teaser I mean. Because I just watch the first teaser,which featured Kai. Since then, I just know Kai as the member of EXO. The others? I’m too lazy to watch the other teasers. They are twelve and you can expect how many teasers  had been released. Why I could ‘accidentally’ watch their teasers since I do not really care about the Kpop rookies? because they are under S.M. Entertainment  , one of the big company that produce big stars. Okay, I did watched the ‘MAMA’ and ‘History’ mv but I just cannot ‘consume’ it. Maybe, it’s not the right time.

A year later…..

When the school holiday started last November, I try to listen to ‘Growl’ after watched MAMA awards. They perfomed on that night and I’m kinda interested to their song. I watch the mv, and then.. the obsession started. Almost everyday I searched about them and watch their videos and listen to their song. Until now, I like their song, ‘Growl’. I’m trying to accept ‘Wolf’ but it takes time because it’s too ‘unique’ for me.

So, what is your experience that related to EXO? Bad or happiness? Well, EXO had coloured my 2013 although I just know them 2 months ago (from now) and I hope they will continue to entertain us. Don’t forget to watch ‘EXO SHOWTIME‘ their very first variety show.



Me, Obsession and TVXQ!

Dear Violette,

Right now, I’m updating my blog while watching Super Junior’s old mv for ‘U’. When I see the mv and the song style, I know that it is not overall SuJu’s style. It is not suit them at all. Instead, it is more towards the TVXQ style. Do you know TVXQ? No? Of course not because I’m rarely talk about TVXQ with you.


From what I know, TVXQ stands for a Chinese name which I can’t remember. Find it yourself at the Google. But, the Korean name is Dong Bang Shin Ki or DBSK. They are famous in Japan too, with the name Tohoshinki. The meaning of those name is ‘The Rising God of the East’. But, I warn you. To those who just get into k-pop fandom, beware. Control your love.

Okay, now let me tell you how I get to know this boy-band. At first, as you know, I just only acknowledge about Super Junior, even the first k-pop song that I downloaded was ‘Sorry Sorry’ in 2010. You have to know me, if I had started ‘like’ something new to my life (which never enter my life before), I’ll become almost to obsessed. (deny my own obsession) So, I searched about Super Junior at Google until I found TVXQ in the list of ‘Best Asian Boy-band’. In addition, they are under the same management which is SM Entertainment. I didn’t put much of my effort to search for their songs, mv and etc. I just downloaded 3 songs, ‘Purple Line’, ‘Bolero’ and ‘Show me your love’ ft Super Junior (see? still connected to Suju) Among three of them, I just love ‘Purple Line’. Because it kinda upbeat and I love upbeat song. I also get to know to their members, which contain five members when the first time I know but I’m not really remember each of their names (since I’m too busy memorising SJ’s thirteen members’ name at that time) But, what I knew was 5 members.

At the end of the year, I know allkpop. I know that TVXQ had split up from there. But, I’m just ignored the hot news. The next year, there goes JYJ. Comeback. Consist of Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu. They are the three that filed a lawsuit against SM and they are the one that quit TVXQ. But, it is weird. Although I’m not really into them, I still see and thought them as one of TVXQ though they are not with TVXQ anymore. About a few months later, the other two members comeback and still with the TVXQ name. So, ‘TVXQ’ now left 2 members. From there, I consider TVXQ as Changmin and Yunho only while DBSK is for five of them. (Tohoshinki?)

From five


TVXQ! consist of Yunho and Changmin

JYJ ( Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu )

Two years later, I heard about TVXQ that will held their Catch Me Concert Live In Malaysia. I heard a contest about it from the radio. In addition, Yoochun drama, Rooftop Prince were broadcasted on the channel 8TV. There, I started searching about them,again. I admit, it is tiring but satisfying. Why? Because I can feel how much people love them as five, until now. I can feel how much they were top k-pop star back then. I can find the reason why until now people still love them even they have split up. I can feel the love between the members, how sad they are, until now when they had to separate. You can guess from these reasons that I’m almost liking them as much as SJ now.

I can’t consider myself as a Cassiopeia. Because I just like them now and I don’t know how was the atmosphere when they were no. 1 k-pop boy-band in Korea and Asia and I don’t experience and feel as the members of fan club who ever considered as ‘The Largest Fan Club In The World’ for a few times in Guinness World Record when their idol rise, at the top, in trouble and split up. I also appreciate TVXQ for being the first k-pop group whom held a concert in Malaysia although Hallyu is not spread in Malaysia yet. It was in 2006.

TVXQ 1st Asia Tour Live In Malaysia promotional poster

Back to how I can out of sudden like them although I already know them, it is unpredictable. I try to listen to ‘Mirotic’ (that I ever hated once) and Rising Sun (that I hated once too). Why I try these song first? Because for me, this is their top songs since these are the main song of ‘Rising Sun’ and ‘Mirotic’ albums respectively. Then, I like even more songs. But, I still cannot accept their slow and a capella songs. I need time. Because of this sudden obsessed, I’m eager to watch Yoochun in Rooftop Prince every night. I also choose Yoochun as my favourite member in DBSK. Then, I search for their history (the curiousity of student who loves History subject) and gotcha! It is sad to read their history and how much they have suffer. 😦 Everyday, I search in Youtube for any of their song and one day, I found their short drama. Firstly, I found a video entitled ‘Forbidden Love between Jaejoong and Yunho’. Funny and humor! Secondly, I found their ‘banjun drama’ (don’t ask me what is banjun drama) and their special drama. I forgot the title but Yoochun starred as the main star along a woman. I just watched two parts and what I understand is Yoochun married to the woman when he still as a high school student and the woman is a teacher at his school. From those two parts, I saw four of the members,but no Jaejoong. It’s okay, I’ll watch it later.

Dating On Earth

I have a sad news. My time is short for me to search for more TVXQ/DBSK/Tohoshinki songs and watch their dramas since I WILL ATTEND THE BOARDING SCHOOL. That means I will leave you even longer than usual. I’m sorry for this sad news but I hope that you pray for my best. I hope my future is still there.

In the nutshell, I leave my memories in k-pop world with my love to TVXQ currently. I’m afraid that I’ll miss TVXQ so much. But, it’s okay. I still have holidays for it.

That feeling…

Dear Violette,

for these  about one month i have to struggle sitting and hoping so that the MYE (mid-year exam) will finish as soon as possible. that feeling of being an Upper Secondary student is I have to sit the exam for one month long!!!! Nonsense,isn’t it? During this exam ‘season’, i always feel that ‘I’m busy, sorry. I have to study for the next paper. I can’t hang out with my friends’ bla bla bla~ I feel as I have to focus on the exam ONLY and I feel that I don’t have enough time for other activities. But, what can I do? Total of subjects increasing and that’s why it takes one month to finish.

Besides that, I have found my new favourite things ( or K-poppers called BIAS ) and it is a Korean drama. Finally, after a long duration of time I lost my ineterest to most of the thing involving Korea, FINALLY!! the title of the drama is…..


To those who have watched the drama, i know that you already know (WTH?) . Joo Won and UEE. I am watching UEE’s dramas currently that aired on TV ( i’m give on watching dramas online) which are Ojakgyo Brothers and Birdie Buddy. I hope that I can stand to watch it until the final because Ojakgyo Brothers have 58 episodes, dear! Hope it can make me enjoy a litte bit right now.

That’s it.

Sebenarnya, saya isteri dia!


Since it was long long time ago i  post about drama ( especially Nora Elena, remember? ) and now i am fan-girling again to a new drama broadcast at the same channel as Nora Elena, TV3 Malaysia.

The title is the same as the title of this post.

Yes, it is.

Sebenarnya, saya isteri dia!

Sebenarnya, saya Isteri dia

Sebenarnya, saya Isteri dia

The drama is adapted from a novel with the same title and the author is Zura Asyfar. You can refer to www.penulisan2u.my

Directed by Raja Ahmad Alauddin and starred by the popular and rising actors, this drama is worth for you to watch, especially to those who have read the novel. Here are the list of the actors and the synopsis.

“Cinta pertama tidak semestinya akan bersatu walaupun masing-masing berjanji untuk hidup bersama. Itulah yang terjadi pada Syafa Aqira dengan Farish Adryan. Cinta yang pernah dipupuk sejak zaman universiti lagi akhirnya terputus di tengah jalan apabila Farish bertekad untuk memutuskan hubungan itu lantaran satu peristiwa hitam yang terjadi pada satu majlis yang dihadiri oleh mereka berdua.

Cadangan ibu kepada Farish iaitu Datin Farizah untuk berkahwin dengan adik lelaki itu terpaksa diterima dengan reda walaupun dia tahu yang mungkin perkahwinan itu tidak menjanjikan bahagia. Dia terpaksa dalam rela demi sebuah harga diri dan rasa kasih terhadap Datin Farizah.

“Aku buat semua ni kerana mama. Dan kau tu sepatutnya bersyukur sebab aku selamatkan maruah kau.” – Firash Arshad.

“Ya, aku tahu Firash. Sepatutnya aku bersyukur sebab kau sudi kahwin dengan aku.” – Syafa Aqira.

Laluan untuk mengharungi sebuah perkahwinan tanpa cinta bukanlah sesuatu yang mudah buat Syafa Aqira. Kehidupannya sebagai isteri langsung tidak dipedulikan apatah lagi perkahwinan mereka dirahsiakan atas permintaan Firash. Namun dia reda kerana kesibukan lelaki itu masih bergelar pelajar walaupun setiap kata-kata sinis yang terbit dari mulut Firash ditelan dengan rasa terbuku di dalam hati.

Semuanya mula sedikit demi sedikit berubah apabila kawan baik serta abang sepupu kepada Firash cuba untuk mendekati Syafa dan kala itulah Firash mula menyedari yang dia sudah mula menyayangi isterinya itu.

“Kenapa pulak tak nak ikut? Boring giler saya duk kat rumah tu. Ada baiknya ikut awak pergi tengok wayang. Lagipun bukan senang nak dapat tengok filem macam ni untuk hari pertama. Biasa kan full seat je. – Syafa Aqira.

“Ye ke? Atau awak risau takut saya pergi dating dengan orang lain?” – Firash Arshad

Dan kala rasa sayang dan cinta mula hadir, ada saja dugaan yang datang menimpa. Kehadiran abang tiri dan adik tirinya yang tidak disangka-sangka mengeruhkan rasa cinta yang mula terbina. Syafa akhirnya pergi membawa diri dengan hati yang terluka. Firash jadi nanar. Hidupnya serba-serbi tidak kena. Bagi Firash, Syaf adalah anugerah terindah di dalam hidupnya. Dia sanggup untuk berbuat apa saja demi mendapatkan kembali kepercayaan dari isterinya itu.

“Siapa nak tidur atas riba awak? Please lah! Tak ingin pun!” – Syafa Aqira.

“Betul ke tak ingin? Dulu okay aje sampai lenguh paha saya nak menanggung kepala awak. Takkan awak dah lupa kut?” – Firash Arshad.

Namun apakah cinta mereka akan kembali bersatu? Bagaimana pula dengan kisah adik beradik tiri Firash? Dan apakah bahagia akan terus menjadi milik mereka? “

Watak Utama

  • Tiz Zaqyah sebagai Syafa Aqira
  • Izzue Islam sebagai Firash Adryan
Sebenarnya, saya isteri dia main star

Izzue Islam sebagai Rash, Tiz Zaqyah sebagai Syaf dalam “Sebenarnya, saya isteri dia”

Watak Pembantu

  • Qi Razali sebagai Haqimy
  • Azlee Khairi sebagai Raimy
  • Uqasha Senrose sebagai Raina
  • Wilma Muhammad sebagai Datin Farizah
  • Mustapha Kamal sebagai Datuk Fakhrul
  • Fezrul Khan sebagai Farish Arsyad
  • Marissa Yasmin sebagai Puan Aida
  • Aman Nassim sebagai Mie
  • Ikhlas Jalil sebagai Fikri
  • Myza Rafika sebagai Fara
  • Elya Miera sebagai Zara
  • Nur Dayana Kamsun sebagai Imah
  • Apple Sofea sebagai Sarah
  • Ernida sebagai Awin

[ source: http://ms.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sebenarnya,_Saya_Isteri_Dia! ]

{ picture credited to Izzue Islam Instagram }

Okay, done with the preview about the drama , now let me give my opinion.

At first, honestly, I’m not too interested even after know the title plus, who is the main actor. I thought Izzue Islam is ‘ordinary’ and ‘nothing interesting with him’. Why I think like that? Because, maybe this is my sceptical feeling towards rising actors, although I watch his drama ( which also been airing right now ) , “Bunga Merah Punya”. But, but.. after I watch SSID second episode last week, I fall in love with the character , Firash ‘Rash’ Arshad and indirectly, I started to become his fan. Okay, stop talking about Izzue, back to the drama. I didn’t watch Episode 1, and to be honest, I’m regret. Praise be to Allah, He guides me to watch the 2nd episode and that’s lead me to be like this now, can’t wait for this Friday for the next episode. So, to those who still haven’t watch even a single episode, i recommend you to watch it at tonton and I’m sure you will like it.

Don’t forget to watch “Sebenarnya, saya isteri dia”  every Friday, 9 p.m. ( Zehra slot) only at TV3. 🙂

p.s.: the opening. I love the song.

Oh No! Am I a Nerd??

Dear Violette,

Nerd… Me, just like anybody else will feel insulted if somebody ever dare to describe me with that word. So, is it reasonable for us to think that the word is an insult or take it as a compliment?

Nerd defined as:



  1. A foolish or contemptible person who lacks social skills or is boringly studious: “one of those nerds who never asked a girl to dance”.
  2. An intelligent, single-minded expert in a particular technical discipline or profession.
fool – booby – goof

So, this is the opening of my story. You may thought that I’m kinda a sociable student but the true fact I’m not really. So, I’m afraid that people will recognise me as a nerd, supported with the fact I’m a student of kinda a good class. I just want to ask for your opinion, do i have to just be whoever I am now or change my identity? Is it a good idea to accept the ‘nerd’ calling as a compliment or just burst my anger to those who call me ‘nerd’?

Help me, please. And also, if I want to get rid from the nerd calling, do I have to stop revise or rarely complete the homeworks?